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1055 feed frequencies on 53 european orbital positions





72.1°E Intelsat 222015-09-10
70.5°E Eutelsat 70B2013-01-28
68.5°E Intelsat 202015-09-10
66.0°E Intelsat 172011-09-09
64.2°E Intelsat 9062015-09-10
62.0°E Intelsat 9022007-03-12
60.0°E Intelsat 9042011-09-09
57.0°E NSS 7032007-03-12
54.9°E Yamal 4022015-09-11
53.0°E Express AM62007-03-12
50.2°E Intelsat 7062008-06-25
46.0°E Azerspace 12015-09-10
45.0°E Intelsat 122005-07-28
42.0°E Türksat 2A - 3A2006-04-07
40.0°E Express AM12005-10-08
39.0°E Hellas Sat 22006-01-14
36.0°E Eutelsat 36A / 36B2013-01-28
33.0°E Eutelsat 33A2013-01-28
30.5°E Arabsat 2B2006-08-26
28.2°E Eutelsat 28A2013-01-28
26.0°E Badr 2/32007-04-30
25.5°E Eutelsat 25A2013-01-28
23.5°E Astra 3A-3B2004-11-20
21.5°E Eutelsat 21B2013-01-28
16.0°E Eurobird 16A2013-01-28
13.0°E Eutelsat Hot Bird 132013-01-28
10.0°E Eutelsat 10A2013-01-28
9.0°E Eutelsat 9A2013-01-28
7.0°E Eutelsat 7A2013-01-28
4.9°E Astra 4A2013-01-28
3.1°E Eutelsat 3C2013-01-28
2.0°E Astra 1C2011-09-09
0.8°W Intelsat 10-02 / Thor 5 - 62008-06-25
3.0°W ABS 3A2015-09-10
4.0°W Amos 2 / Amos 3 / Thor 32008-06-25
5.0°W Eutelsat 5 West A2013-01-28
7.0°W Eutelsat 7 West A2013-01-28
8.0°W Eutelsat 8 West A2013-01-28
11.0°W Express AM442006-01-08
12.5°W Eutelsat 12 West A2013-01-28
15.0°W Telstar 122005-03-13
18.0°W Intelsat 9012006-01-15
20.0°W NSS 72015-09-10
22.0°W SES 42005-03-13
24.5°W Intelsat 9052006-01-15
27.5°W Intelsat 9072006-01-15
30.0°W Hispasat2006-04-22
31.5°W Intelsat 8012003-05-16
34.5°W Intelsat 9032004-08-29
37.5°W Telstar 11N2010-10-05
45.0°W Intelsat 142010-10-05
50.0°W Intelsat 1R2010-10-05
58.0°W Intelsat 212003-12-17

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